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RE-ORDER Consumables: 300 Fecal Egg Count Tests Egg Chambers and Reagent (Equine)

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Fecal egg count consumables for use with the Parasight System (Equine) to perform:



- 300 Egg Chambers (single use)



- Liquid Reagents to perform 300 fecal egg count tests.



(Please note fluid volume: More wash is required to perform each test than bleach or stain.  Only a very small amount of stain is required to perform each test.  Each bottle is filled to levels needed to perform 300 FEC tests).



This products ships ground only as two (2) packages.  USA and CANADA only.



MSDS Forms provided as a download after checkout.



NOTE:   Parasight System Annual Subscription Required for Purchase of Parasight Fecal Egg Count Consumables.  To setup an annual subscription, please contact customer support.  Available to veterinary professionals only.