2.5min Push-button Fecal Egg Count (FEC) Systems for Veterinarians and Mail-in FEC Service for Horse Owners

Horse Owner Mail-in Poop2Proof Kits Fecal Egg Count + Fecal Egg Reduction Test Package

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Includes (1) mail-in equine fecal egg count kit and (1) fecal egg count reduction test kit. 

Drug resistance is a growing problem in the horse industry.  This complete bundle determines if your deworming program is working.

  • Easy 1-2-3 instructions
  • Sealable specimen containers
  • Pre-addressed, postage-paid specimen return mailers

Using image analysis technology, Parasight analyzes your sample and provides visual proof (image) of the results.  

Accurate quantitative results help you and your veterinarian to effectively treat and manage your horse's condition.  Results email contains an image showing a count and identification of parasites (Strongyles and Ascarids).  

Results are emailed to you the same day the specimen is processed.  

Please allow for return delivery time to Parasight.

For horse owners.