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FAQs for Veterinary Professionals

What is Parasight?

Parasight is a proven 2.5 minute automated fecal egg count (FEC) method with significantly less variability and more accuracy than the traditional McMaster FEC test methods.  Parasight identifies and counts strongyles and ascarids eggs  using an automated algorithm and software imaging technology. The Parasight System outputs a fluorescent image of the parasites and provides eggs per gram (“EPG”) for strongyle and ascarid eggs. The easy-to-use Parasight App provides a simple user interface to email results. 

The Parasight System is designed for in-clinic use.  The System processes fecal egg counts in 2 1/2 minutes and provides a quantitative EPG for strongyles and ascarids.

Parasight Results:  A University Proven Algorithm

Partnering with a major Kentucky based research university,  MEP Equine Solutions has developed the first automated mobile based parasite fecal egg count technique. Eliminating the need for specialized training and equipment, Parasight provides veterinarians a method with significantly less variability than traditional methods.

Less Variability.

All fecal egg-counting diagnostic tests possess a certain degree of variability inherent in each test’s ability to detect the parasite eggs, in the sampling of the fecal slurry used in the test, and in the lack of homogeneity in the shedding and distribution of the eggs within the fecal sample.  Even with trained technicians and parasitologists preparing and analyzing samples using standard methods including McMaster and Parasight can expect variability.

Parasight is considered  a more  reliable method of fecal parasite egg detection because it reduces or eliminates user introduced variability  by introducing a standardized protocol which generates consistent sample volumes and preparation using the sample prep tool and a non-user dependent, University validated algorithm, that consistently detects strongyles and ascarids eggs and reduces the identification of non-parasitic material in the sample.


Parasite Proof You Can See:  Results Image 

Parasight removes operator error and fatigue factors by automatically counting found eggs using a proven algorithm and image based software.  Eggs found are displayed on a tablet with corresponding EPG and emailed to veterinarian and client.

Today's technology:  Current slide technology methods rely on a technician to manually process a sample and then using a microscope, manually count eggs seen on a special slide.  Results are then provided in a text document with no supporting visual evidence.  Parasight provides a better solution.