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What is a Poop2Proof fecal egg count?

Poop2Proof is a mail-in fecal egg count (FEC) service using Parasight technology.

Designed to give horse owners an accurate count of ascarids and strongyles, Parasight technology is an image based parasite fecal egg diagnostic used to identify fecal egg type and counts using proprietary technology.

How does Poop2Proof work?

It's simple.  Horse owners submit a fresh fecal sample using our mail-in kit service.  Once analyzed, the owner receives quantitative results via an email detailing the results with an image containing circled strongyle and ascarid eggs. 

Why is Parasight a better alternative to traditional slide methods like McMaster?

Parasight uses computational image analysis to identify and count fecal eggs in feces.  This approach provides a distinct advantage over traditional slide methods like McMasters due to its accuracy and sensitivity.  An automated analysis removes the human error factor and helps ensure the horse owners gets the results they can see and trust. 

What is Parasight technology?

Fecal egg count methods have remained relatively unchanged for the past seventy-five years.  Parasight technology changes that fact!  Developed in Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, Parasight technology fluoresces parasite eggs in the provided sample and analyzes with a mobile based device running an app.  The analysis is provided to the horse owner via email along with an image that will show identified strongyles and ascarids. 

Are results overseen by an equine veterinarian parasitologist?


I purchased a mail-in kit and I have not received it yet?

Please allow 2-5 days for receipt.  Kits are mailed via USPS from Kentucky, delivery time in the continental United States varies.  

I mailed in a Parasight kit and I have not received the results yet?

Parasight kits are processed the same day they are received.  Please allow reasonable return delivery time back via USPS.

I have questions about the results and what action I should take as a horse owner.

The Parasight fecal egg count gives you an accurate count of strongyles and ascarids found.  Please consult with your veterinarian to develop the most appropriate plan for your horse or herd.

I recently gave my horse a wormer and expected negative results, but results are positive for parasites.

Drug resistance is an ongoing issue with wormers, as well as, other products.  Because of this issue, it is critical to run fecal egg counts prior and post treatment to confirm a treatment is effective in your horse or herd.  Consult with your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate plan for your horse or herd.

I am a veterinary professional, how do I offer this technology directly to my clients?

This technology can be in your lab today.  Contact us at for details.