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Parasight mail-in fecal egg count results strongyles ascarids equine

Professional Mail-in FEC and FECrt Kits (Quantity 50)

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Perfect solution for you to capture FECrt and save you a farm trip!

Designed to aid your clinic manage FECrt tests and remote client FECs:  

Simply leave a  Parasight client kit(s) with your client and have them drop the sample in the mail to you or drop off at your clinic.

Know if the dewormer treatment you recommend works.  Leave a Client Kit behind with your client and have them send you a sample 10-21 days after treatment.  When processing with Parasight, the result will display the FEC and the resulting FECrt.

Can also be used as a FEC mailer for your remote clients.  Either mail them a set or hand off a set to them for them to send in fecal samples for analysis by your lab.  The customer need only apply return postage to you. 

Ship in boxes of 50.