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Parasight is a validated, push-button fecal egg count test for horses that identifies and counts strongyles and ascarids.  Compatible with most PMS systems, integration is currently available for HVMS.  Additionally results may be instantly emailed to client and clinic as part of a permanent medical record and to engage your client. 

The low cost of Parasight allows you to build your FEC revenue; the accuracy and permanent visual image aids horse health and client communication; and the less than 3 minute test time will make your tech team happy.  It’s a win-win for all. Contact us today to setup an agreement to install Parasight in your clinic.

  • 2.5 minute push-button fecal egg count test
  • Compatible with most PMS systems
  • Validated by several labs and major research universities and published in several peer-reviewed papers.
  • Plans as low as $7.50 per test 

Two annual plan options available to meet the needs of both solo and multi vet clinics.


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